Digital Printing


HP Indigo 7600 Digital Presses

A proven platform with leading quality and higher speed:

The HP Indigo 7600 Digital Press, the fastest 13 x 19 inch format digital  sheetfed press in the market, combines proven quality, versatility, and  breakthrough productivity with new intelligent automation that maximizes  time.

  • Breakthrough Speed and Productivity. The press prints four million color pages per month with higher productivity. Using the enhanced productivity mode, production increases  by 33% to 160 color ppm output.
  • New Automation. Intelligent automation, powered by an enhanced vision system, maintains and delivers quality prints, reducing operator intervention, the automatic alert agent identifies print defects in real time.
  • ElectroInk and the Indigo process deliver a very thin ink layer that gives uniform gloss.
  • 4, 6 or 7 process colors for vivid printing and accurate on-press Pantone emulations.
  • True spot colors, mixed off press, for perfect Pantone-certified solids.


Benefits of Digital Printing

Here are some advantages of digital printing over traditional offset printing:

  • Short Turnaround: Offset printing has always required a lengthy setup process that made  production very slow to start. With digital printing, there's no need to  prepare the press.
  • Inexpensive: Another benefit to quick start-up times is inexpensive short-run printing. Because offset printing takes such a long time to prepare, it  isn't cost effective unless thousands and thousands of the same documents are printed. Digital printing offers lower per unit costs for print runs and can come in much smaller minimums than offset.
  • Color: Digital printing offers the most inexpensive multi-colored prints using a four-color process.
  • Proofing: Before printing hundreds or even thousands of brochures, it's always a good idea to get a few full-color "proof" prints of what the final  product will look like when printed in mass. Digital printers can produce immediate and accurate proofs as inexpensive as the rest of your prints.

The choice is obvious. If you need it fast, inexpensive, accurate, colored, or quick, go with Digital Printing!